5 things you need to know before you Go Scuba Diving

While scuba diving in Indonesia is a very popular water activity, there are still some who feel that perhaps donning a tank and a mask and diving into the ocean isn’t the thing for them. So to put your troubles at ease, we at Uber Scuba are going to provide you with some much-useful information to help put your scuba diving troubles at rest.

What You Should Know about Scuba Diving


1.    The Sharks Will NOT Get You

That wave of fear you feel when you step into the ocean for the first time after watching Jaws, don’t focus on it. While Hollywood may have used its sinister magic to make this sharp-toothed fish the villain of the movie, it did so without checking the factual records. Sharks do not attack divers when they witness any, so you can put your fears to rest. In fact, when sharks do encounter any divers, they swim away because our presence usually disturbs them.

2.    You are Fit enough to be a Diver

Diving is for everyone, so those of you who feel that perhaps the only people who can be divers are only those with ultra-fit bodies, think again. While competitive swimmers do make good divers because they are comfortable in the waters, this doesn’t mean that the water might turn unfriendly for the rest of us. Yes, diving is an active sport so you may have to be at least healthy enough to pass the basic endurance test. But remember; this test is to check your basic water skills and comfort in water, not your ability to resist a whole pizza when it’s sitting in front of you.

3.    Diving is not expensive

Diving is a unique water activity; so many people do think that perhaps it might be too expensive. However, with companies such as Uber Scuba providing scuba lessons for all, you only spend an average sum on scuba lessons that give an all-access pass to the ocean world. And by paying a highly affordable amount of money to get certified, you not only get a new activity that keeps you active, but you also save a lot by opting out of that gym membership you may not even use.

4.    Your Ears will not hurt if you descend properly

This is a common dilemma for people with sensitive ears. However, the pain in your ears depends on your diving ability. At Uber Scuba, we teach you the correct way to descend without hurting yourself and that is by equalizing the pressure in your ears so that you don’t get an earache. Known as the Valsalva maneuver, this process involves pinching your nose and blowing against your nostrils until you feel that faint pop and relief. But don’t worry; we’ll cover this when you start training.


5.    Not all medical conditions prevent you from diving

Gone are the days when conditions such as diabetes and asthma kept divers away from the wonderful world of ocean adventures. Nowadays, there are many ways through which potential divers can consult medical experts to know about their diving ability. Organizations such as Divers Alert Network and others help many understand the physical demands of diving and its effects on your health. So while your doctor might have dismissed your diving chances because you have a tooth ache, it won’t hurt to get an opinion from another doctor who has some experience in diving.


So if you feel like you are ready to take on this challenge of a new adventure, contact Uber Scuba now and dive right in to get the chance to experience the Gili Islands’ beautiful ocean life at its finest.