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Affordable Quality for your Gili Islands Diving Trip.

1 Fun Dive

IDR 540,000

Enjoy a single dive with us around one of the three Gili islands. Our experienced dive masters will guide you through the crystal clear waters in search of a turtle, or two.

3 Fun Dive Package

IDR 1,458,000

The more you dive, the more you save! With this 3 dive package, a 10% discount has been applied to the price and you may enjoy 3 dives during one day or spread these out over the course of your stay in Gili Trawangan.

5 Fun Dive Package

IDR 2,295,000

5 dives around the Gili Islands will offer a host of interesting marine to spot. Choose to dive over the days that you wish with this 5 dive package. A 15% discount has been applied from the individual dive price for you.

Night Dive

IDR 660,000

As the sun goes down, many marine life begins to awaken. Enjoy a guided night dive with us and spot some of your favourite species’ as they begin their nightly hunt.


IDR 950,000

Try Scuba Diving on Gili Trawangan is your chance to experience what scuba diving is all about.  See why so many people are Addicted to Diving.  Spend time on an amazing dive site in Gili Trawangan that has good visibility and conditions.  Get a feel for the excitement of scuba diving.

You will have an experienced, certified Instructor as your personal escort and prior to your dive they will provide you with an overview of the proper knowledge and skills required to take your first look at the underwater world.

Signing up for a Try Scuba is also a great way to decide whether doing an Open Water Diver certification is right for you. We know that once you come in and try it, you’ll love it!

Scuba Tune Up

IDR 850,000

The Scuba Tune Up course is perfect for those divers who already have their diving license, but have not dove for over a year. The course will take you through the principles of safe scuba diving, review equipment techniques and skills, and includes one open water dive. All of these elements will be conducted with one of our professional team to ensure you feel comfortable entering the water again.


IDR 5,900,000

The Open Water Diver Course is the classic entry level certification to the world of Scuba Diving. Students find this course provides the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to scuba dive, without any accompanying dive professionals. Upon successful completion of this 3 day course, you will be certified to engage in open water diving activities to a maximum of 18 meters all over the world. With over 3,500 marine species living in the reefs and seas; Indonesia is one of the world’s top diving destinations, and a great place to learn to dive!


IDR 4,900,000

Want to go deeper than 18 meters, Experience a wreck or go diving in the dark? The Advanced Adventurer opens up a new world of diving for the already certified diver. Where the Open Water course educates you about the theories of diving, the advanced course is all about new experiences under water. The course consists of 5 dives, but what dives we’ll do is completely up to you. The deep dive is mandatory, but the other four are chosen based on what you want to do. Contact us for more information about the options available to you.


IDR 5,900,000

What happens in case of a diver emergency? How would you respond to stressful situation? You want to become more confident of your dive skills above and below the water? – the Rescue Diver Course is for you. Through practice and theory, you get to know the main causes of stress, how to deal with them safely and perhaps most importantly, how to proactively prevent them from ever happening. Please contact us for more information.


IDR 15,000,000

Uber Scuba’s Divemaster course on Gili Trawangan is a 5-6 week program including academics sessions, in-water training and evaluations, leadership skills-learning and practice, and unlimited diving to become a very capable diver. You will learn practical skills over the Internship period on Gili Trawangan, giving you the experience required to learn to be a Divemaster and a valuable member of the professional dive community – both in and out of the water. Participation in all of the daily operations of a dive shop will provide great experience in; Scheduling Dives, Preparing Equipment, Organising Boats and Leading Dives. At the end of your course you will have the Skills, Knowledge and Experience to work in any dive shop, anywhere in the world! Contact us for more information.

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