Gili Trawangan: The Best Place To Learn To Dive

So you’ve decided you’d like to learn to dive or to further your dive qualifications, but you don’t know where to go to do it. You know you want to combine it with your travels, but there are so many beautiful destinations you could travel to all around the world. And then are so many considerations to make such as budget, lifestyle, quality of training, the other activities you want to be able to do, what about your travel companions and so on.

Our team has vast experience travelling and diving all around the world, once upon a time they were also in your shoes! So we really believe with all our hearts that Gili Trawangan is the best place to learn to scuba dive, and here’s why:

1. Best Access To A Diverse Range Of Dive Sites.


We are lucky to have a diverse range of dive sites for all kinds of dive training, which is quite rare, even for neighbouring parts of Indonesia.

This is because of the unique size and layout of the Gili Islands. The islands are small enough to provide diving in all directions of the compass, which is important in changing weather, tides and currents. If we can’t dive in the west, we can move to the east. The islands are also quite close to the mainland, which adds the benefit of being protected from the biggest currents, which flow between the islands of Bali & Nusa Lembongan or Penida for example.

We also have the perfect mix of deep & shallow sites, coral walls or sandy bottoms, wreck dives, muck diving (great for spotting seahorses) and our biorocks make the perfect spot for shore or night dives.

Many of our favourite dive sites also have both shallow and deep profiles. This means on any given dive we can cater to beginners needing more gentle sea conditions, and to more experienced divers who want to go deeper or to experience more advanced dive profiles. So you will always be able to dive according to your level of experience.

In short, we have a lot of flexibility in the dive options we can offer you, which is hard to beat anywhere else. This is really important because it means you will always get the most out of your dive training.

We are also the home to beautiful turtles, both green and hawksbill turtles and they can be seen on most dive sites. And we have adorable white tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks. Occasionally we see an eagle ray, even a manta ray. What people also love about our dive sites is all the coral and fish life.

2.Affordable Price & High Safety Standards

Indonesia remains a very affordable destination when placed side by side with its Southeast Asian counterparts. This extends to the cost of diving training, but most importantly it is never at the expense of safety. Most dive centres on Gili Trawangan are committed members of the Gili Indah Dive Alliance (GIDA), which seeks to uphold uniformity in pricing to thereby allow continued high quality in safety standards and service. We believe strongly in this and our equipment is also kept in excellent condition.

We also handpick our team of instructors for their professionalism to ensure you have the best possible training experience.

3. Beautiful Island Lifestyle


Gili Trawangan stands out amongst the Gili islands because of the diversity it offers in lifestyle. You can find the island experience you are looking for right here – even depending on your mood. And because we don’t have motorised transport, we have a wonderfully relaxed pace of life.

Those looking for a vibrant social scene will find it on the main strip on the east coast, but step inland a few streets – or even take yourself right into the heart of the island – and you will find blissful peace, nature & serenity.

Likewise it is suitable for families and young travellers alike. The abundance and variety of accommodation means you will find your perfect haven.

Let’s also talk about food, because the restaurants here are amazing. Holidaying chefs have commented on how impressive the restaurants and selection of food is. We seriously have it all: authentic Indonesian street food, healthy vegetarian restaurants galore, real flat whites in real coffee houses, the best pizzas you will taste outside of Italy, you can get a proper sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding, Thai curries, fresh seafood and so much more.

Put simply, you can have your holiday, your way.





4. We Have It All Covered.

Just because you come to a small island doesn’t mean you will have to go without the important things. You will find pretty much everything you need for your holiday here, including the important things like medical centres, ATMs, a Mandiri bank, health spas, boutique clothing stores, yoga centres. You can hire bikes & gopros. You can have your sunsets by the beach drinking cocktails.

If you want to get involved in volunteer work, you can help with the beach clean-ups organised by the Gili Eco Trust, or show your support to the Cats of Gili or Horses of Gili who each have shops you can visit.


5. Easy To Get To

We are easy to get to and whether you are coming from Lombok or Bali, there is a large selection of professional boat operators servicing the most popular routes. Air Asia have just launched a hub in Lombok which means flights and journey options will be even better than before.


If you decide to come dive here with us on Gili Trawangan, do get in touch so we can help you plan your visit, you won’t regret it.